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Meet the Team

Brodie Whitney

Brodie will be your mindset coach during the program. With over 13 years as a professional coach, he helps people get back in flow to do their best work, achieve their biggest goals, strengthen their most important relationships, and expand their wealth, business, and mindset.

Dr. Patrick Tran

Dr. Patrick Tran will teach you the proven strategy he used to build his own real estate portfolio to $22 million in just 8 months. He will lead you through his 6-week program and mastermind community so you can build high levels of wealth through real estate investing.

Molly Horak

Molly will be your real estate group coach throughout the program. She is a third generational realtor on both sides and has been working in the business for over a decade. Molly loves working with buyers and investors to find just the right property.